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Campus Strat@innov

Campus Strat@innov

Campus Strat@innov


Campus Strat@innov Paris Campus “L'École des Managers Euro-Méditerranéens” is a French business and management school located in the heart of the 16th arrondissement in Paris and around the Mediterranean, in Alicante, Algiers, Oran and Tunis.

We train managers to manage business activities in this context of exchanges between Europe and Africa and in particular the Maghreb countries.

Many executives and business leaders join our programs to develop their business internationally and within this economic space.

We are the only higher business and management school to offer the same programs in all these countries with the same consultants so that you can at any time continue a semester or a year in the Campus of your choice .

All our students can, with the support of our incubator and the “Start Up and Go” program, create their business on both shores of the Mediterranean: Personalized support and a dedicated coach for everyone!

We have several programs for high school graduates, license holders and bachelors as well as for professionals and business leaders:

Bachelors - Masters - Masters of Business Administration ( MBA - AACSB Member) - Master of Science ( MSc )

Our titles are Certified at levels 5, 6 and 7 registered with the RNCP / France Compétences.

Why choose Campus Strat@innov ?


Certified titles of levels 5, 6 and 7 registered with the RNCP / France Compétences


Personalized support for each student

International studies

Possibility of continuing your studies abroad at one of our campuses

Rhythm of Studies

In Classic or in work-study

Educational team

Multicultural made up of experts in activity and stakeholders from various sectors

Business Incubator

Start Up & Go to create your business while obtaining a diploma

Business Club

To bring closer and facilitate the employability of our students

Intra-Connected Campuses

Hi-Tech equipment to connect our campuses and adapt to changes


  • Paris

    24 Rue de l'Amiral Hamelin, 75016, Paris

    • Chéraga

      113, Rue Aissat Idir, , Chéraga

      • Bir El Djir

        Boulevard Canastel, , Bir El Djir