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Botswana International University Of Science And Technology BEng Geological Engineering
Botswana International University Of Science And Technology

BEng Geological Engineering

Palapye, Botswana

5 Years


Full time

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Sep 2024

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Geological Engineering is the practical application of principles, concepts and techniques of the earth sciences to provide sustainable engineering solutions to human needs. Geological Engineers help find the best ways to use earth’s resources to solve technological problems in an environmentally sustainable manner. They deal with mineral resource exploitation and management, the environmental and geotechnical design involving rock, soil and water interaction, and the non-destructive or geophysical investigation of the subsurface environment for engineering purposes.

Geological Engineering is a field-oriented practical discipline. It will expose students to methods and techniques to protect the earth while still exploiting it through careful industrial practices. This is of vital importance given the extensive mining activities and construction works in Botswana, the surrounding region and globally. You will study the fundamentals of Geological Sciences and Engineering.

The programme emphasizes the integration of Geosciences and Engineering with applications in areas such as construction, foundation design, site selection, resource production, geo-hazard assessment and mitigation, waste disposal and restoration of pollution sites.

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