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Birkbeck, University of London Bachelor of Science in Mathematics
Birkbeck, University of London

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

Malet Street, United Kingdom

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Aug 2024

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Our BSc Mathematics provides you with a broad education in mathematical sciences and their modern applications to commerce and the natural and social sciences, such as:

  • game theory
  • cryptography
  • the mathematics of networks.

This mathematics degree covers theoretical aspects of the subject as well as methods and modelling techniques. You will develop an understanding of a range of mathematical skills, together with the abstract background to help you make sense of this material.

This BSc Mathematics course also has a flexible structure enabling you to follow your interests, choosing option modules from other departments if you wish. For instance, for 2023-24 entry you can choose option modules that allow you to combine mathematics with economics, accounting or management in your degree to graduate with a BSc Mathematics with Economics, BSc Mathematics with Accounting or BSc Mathematics with Management.

A mathematics or statistics graduate is highly numerate. But studying mathematics is also excellent training in logical thought. Mathematicians are not satisfied with an observation until they have proved it to be true. By learning mathematics and statistics, you learn to construct reasoned, structured arguments. The tools of analysis, whether it be modelling situations with appropriate equations or using statistics to analyse data sets and test hypotheses, have countless applications.

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