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Batumi Arts Teaching University Bachelor of Musical Art
Batumi Arts Teaching University

Bachelor of Musical Art

Batumi, Georgia

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Aug 2024

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Bachelor’s Educational Program foresees mastering the skills and abilities necessary of the qualified musician and deepening already-received knowledge. A Special Program developed particularly with this purpose is calculated for mastering obtained knowledge in performing art and experience. The program is designed based on mastering the experience of international higher musical-educational systems.

Learning Outcome:

Knowledge and Acknowledgement: The Graduates will know the peculiarities of performing art, in the general history of music and performance history, issues of musical theory. The graduates will acquire the skills for performing at the concert Estrada, working and cooperating with singers, various ensembles, and choirs. Will be aware of the fundamentals of musical pedagogy and psychology. Have analyzed theoretical and practical fundamentals of modem musical education.

Skill for applying knowledge in practice:

The graduate has the ability for musical-performance activity. The graduate can deliver the previously planned creative and practical type of work. The graduate is also aware of learning, analyzing, and performing a musical composition of the differentiated epoch and style. Relevantly, during studying, they have developed specific skills necessary for dealing with musical texts.

The graduate can make Ensemble Music. The graduate can plan, organize, and lead the lesson; The graduate can deliver individual and group lessons, identifying children’s musical talent, and correct management.

Assumption Skill:

Based on analyzing the creative and critical thinking problems while working on the compositions, the graduates can draw relevant conclusions. The graduate can independently select and perform the Concert Program.

Communication Skill:

The graduate can establish a creative relationship with the Ensemble members, Team and direct creative work in the correct position. While performing a musical composition, the skills for communication with the listeners is essential. The graduates can contact the children of various age categories to control their learning process and received knowledge.

Learning Skills:

Musical Data enable the graduates to receive knowledge in performing art. The graduates have the skill for self-education, being able to manage his/her educational process. The graduate can conduct self-evaluation.


The graduates possess creative and artistic values; can become aware of the professional responsibility; regulates the process of working with the partners; takes into moral- and ethical norms established in the society; The graduates aim at respecting musical-cultural values and traditions; the graduate can correctly assess and lead relationship with the students and their parents.

Employment area:

After passing Academic Course and granted relevant qualifications, the Graduates will be self-actualized in the individual creative work, public sector, cultural institutions, and pedagogical activity.

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