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Auezov South Kazakhstan State University State audit, bachelor degree
Auezov South Kazakhstan State University

State audit, bachelor degree

Shymkent, Kazakhstan

0 Years

, Russian, English

Full time

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Sep 2024

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The program's goal is to prepare highly qualified bachelors with the fundamental knowledge and applied skills in the field of public audit, able to use them in practice and quickly adapt to changing socio-economic conditions.

Learning Outcome:

Apply philosophical knowledge to form a worldview position, analyze the main stages and patterns of the historical development of society to develop a civic place;

Have a sufficient level of legal awareness, fulfill professional duties and principles of the culture of behavior and ethical standards of communication;

Analyze socio-economic processes and the functioning of the budgetary system of the Republic of Kazakhstan, assess the effectiveness of public administration, identify trends in socio-economic indicators based on the macroeconomic model;

Process economic data following the assigned task, analyze the results of calculations, and substantiate the findings;

Conduct a government audit, assess the effectiveness of public financial resources management in compliance with the ethical principles of the government auditor;

Possess the skills of analyzing and interpreting financial, tax, and other information contained in the statements of the audited object of various forms of ownership and use the information obtained for conducting a governmental audit.

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