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Atlantic University College

Atlantic University College


Atlantic University College is a non-profit higher education institution specialized in the field of digital arts and sciences, founded in 1983, the product

of a dream by Colonel Ramón Barquín and Dr. Teresa de Dios Unanue. It began operations in Guaynabo, where there was no university institution, in 1984, with 125 students and it is located in the center of town.

It is the first institution of Higher Education that was established in this municipality, under the name of Atlantic College, later evolving into Atlantic University

College in 2011. It has received Emmy® and Telly Awards for its animated productions.

It was authorized by the Council of Higher Education to begin operations with associate degrees and baccalaureate degrees in 1983, later, in 2001 it was authorized to offer graduate programs.

As educational opportunities have grown, Atlantic University College has grown with them and offers its students a personalized affective environment, which also allows them to develop holistically as individuals. It is aware of its commitment to offer an education that encourages excellence in each of its teaching areas within the field of digital arts and sciences, in which it has successfully positioned itself and in any other emerging market within and outside of our country. country.

The academic offerings are in accordance with the institutional philosophy based on the principles of accessibility for all people and adaptability to the needs of the community and in harmony with the demands of the humanistic, scientific and technological knowledge necessary for a competitive individual in a community. global, within the digital arts and sciences.

The funds received by the Institution have allowed the development of 28 high-technology laboratories to attend the type of academic offer that it offers and to support the teaching-learning process in accordance with its institutional mission.


  • Guaynabo

    Calle George L Colton,9, 00969, Guaynabo