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Ateneo de Manila University


To understand the soul of Ateneo de Manila University—what shaped it and where it came from, where it is going and where it can take you—it is essential to understand its motto, Lux in Domino, or "Light in the Lord." From the letter of St. Paul to the Ephesians (5:8), these words capture the spirit of a way of life that the Ateneo holds up to her sons and daughters as their best contribution to God's work transforms the world.

To be "light in the Lord" in all fullness demands moving insistently and deliberately towards God as the center of a person's life, identifying the issues that such a centering poses, and then moving out to the world to find ever new ways of constructing the edifice, cultivating the garden, painting the masterpiece, that God is unfolding in one's life. It is a call to BE that light of the Lord in the world.


  • Quezon City

    Katipunan Avenue, 1108, Quezon City