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ASOMI College of Sciences


International College

Our College is born from concrete synergies between the world of Higher Education and the corporate context. This is done to develop new paradigms and models in Global Education, and therefore one of our main priorities is creating a reality based on collaborations, internships and international relations.

We aim to structure higher education programmes with characteristics that prepare our students for a market defined by rapid and numerous changes in growth trends. Our graduates will hopefully- become leaders capable of seizing these opportunities through a broad vision that extends far beyond national borders, reaching worldwide partnerships and networks.

That is why our college offers training and internship opportunities in different countries and provides them with essential partnerships with leading companies and important research centres.

Accredited Institution

ACS – ASOMI College of Sciences is an accredited Higher Educational Institution, founded to develop innovative models and solutions within the academic context, promoting learning capacity oriented towards a training experience supported by effective tools and putting the student as a real protagonist at the centre of the training path, preparing him/her to become a successful professional.


ACS – ASOMI College of Sciences has the mission of fostering the meeting between the academic and the practical world by promoting the matching of these two aspects/realities. It, therefore, provides high-quality market-oriented preparation. This is made possible thanks to the network developed by the ACS – ASOMI College of Sciences, a panel of highly competent teachers with a professional and academic background of concrete experience and relevance.


The vision of ACS College of Sciences highlights the commitment at an international level that has enabled it to develop numerous training and professional opportunities for its students. They can attend different campuses and venues in Europe, get in touch with dozens of Partners and Collaborations as well as partake in several international internship opportunities. The training offers at ACS College of Sciences extends to different areas such as Health, Business, Law and Digital innovation.

Our Aim

The aim is to provide useful tools for the academic and professional development of each student, and this takes place through constant attention put on each student so that each resource is focused on realizing its full potential. The mentorship and tutorship programs available to students are structured to support and inspire them to build a valuable role in society that leads them to personal as well as professional fulfilment.


  • Pembroke

    Block D Giorgio Mitrovich Street, PBK 1014, Pembroke