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Welcome To Ascencia Business School

Ascencia Business School provides students with an opportunity to study International University programs while living in UAE. Our main goal is to provide all our students with a quality, cost-effective education and we pride ourselves in maintaining the highest academic standards.

Ascencia Business School has a good understanding of the local market and an immense amount of experience in managing education since 2006. We have explored the Middle East market and found ways to successfully market the fully accredited, approved, and recognized curriculum. Our courses are delivered by Western qualified lecturers holding their Ph.D.’s and drawn from academics and bearing relevant industrial experience.

Mission and Vision

  • Mission

Ascencia Business School is dedicated to foster academic excellence and student achievement on the graduate and undergraduate levels in business and management. Its mission, therefore, is to provide students with a strong academic foundation with access to various specialized knowledge bases and prepare them to become productive, competent professionals, and responsible citizens in a diverse, dynamic global arena.

  • Vision

Ascencia Business School aims to become France leading Business School, recognized for its innovative contributions to business and management as well for its accomplished and dedicated faculty in a multi-national-cultural environment.

Why Ascencia Business School

Ascencia Business School is a management institution dedicated to preparing students for the careers of the global economy. We offer programs that specialize in International Management, Finance, Marketing, and other fields.

We teach state-of-the-art theory, immerse students in international experiences, and connect them to best practices in business. Participants in our program learn much more than management theory and practice; they acquire new ways of thinking that can profoundly change their lives and the success of their organization.



  • Al Jazirah Al Hamra

    Al Jazirah Al Hamra, United Arab Emirates

    • Dubai

      Dubai, United Arab Emirates

      • Sharjah

        Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

        • Abu Dhabi

          Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

          • Ras Al-Khaimah

            Ras Al-Khaimah, United Arab Emirates

            • Manama

              Manama, Bahrain

              • Riyadh

                Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

                • Kuwait City

                  Kuwait City, Kuwait

                  • Doha

                    Doha, Qatar

                    • Muscat

                      Muscat, Oman