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ArtEZ University of the Arts Bachelor Dance Artist
ArtEZ University of the Arts

Bachelor Dance Artist

Arnhem, Netherlands

4 Years


Full time

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Bachelor Dance

Dance Artist, the ArtEZ modern and contemporary dance course, trains you to become a dance artist with your own position in the work field. In this age, it is more important than ever for a dance artist to be firmly based in a dance world that is always developing. At the top Dance Artist course at ArtEZ, you are trained as a (co)creating dancer and maker. Key to this is the development and embodiment of your own (artistic) identity as a dance artist.

At the same time, your curiosity about other makers and your surroundings is nurtured: there is a lot of scope for collaborations and projects.

After graduating as a Dance Artist in Arnhem, you may use the title Bachelor of Arts (BA). You can work independently as a dancer and maker at home and abroad for (inter)national production houses and dance companies.

Why choose Dance Artist in Arnhem?

  • Performance and (co-)creation: Performance, co-creation and creation go hand in hand during your course
  • Interdisciplinarity: You collaborate with other disciplines and courses, including the School of Acting
  • Inter-action: Focusing on how you as a dance artist make an impact on society
  • High-level dance technique classes: Contemporary Styles & Cultures are supported by the Technical Foundation Techniques
  • Proactively to the work field: From the first year onwards, you are aware of the various professional possibilities
  • Good facilities: Make use of modern, spacious studios, theatre rooms, theory rooms and media library


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