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Art Center College of Design Bachelor in Entertainment Design
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Bachelor in Entertainment Design

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Bachelor in Entertainment Design

Entertainment Design is at the very heart of the visual experience of TV shows, films, commercials, video games, animation projects and theme parks.

Degree: Bachelor of Science

Designing new worlds, characters, and objects that have never before been seen requires great imagination, but also an understanding of how things are built—and how to communicate with the people who will build these new worlds.

Art Center’s Entertainment Design curriculum helps students develop the skills and creative focus required of concept designers in the entertainment industry.

Our department is relatively new, but Art Center alumni are leaders in the fields of animation, video games, film, and television. Many works in the nearby hubs of those industries, bringing their expertise into the classroom as faculty and visiting lecturers. During the first four terms, students receive a rigorous education in drawing, rendering, model building and sculpting, as well as an introduction to 3D digital tools. The program concludes with a senior project focused on an area of particular artistic and professional interest.

In years past, students seeking a career in entertainment design took a combination of illustration and industrial design classes to develop their skills and portfolio. Today, Art Center’s Entertainment Design program incorporates and expands upon the strengths of both disciplines.

Our students have the opportunity to collaborate with peers from other College departments through Transdisciplinary Studios and Designmatters projects, where they can apply skills for commercial and nonprofit causes.

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