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Aichi University of Education (Aichi Kyoiku Daigaku)

Aichi University of Education (Aichi Kyoiku Daigaku)

Aichi University of Education (Aichi Kyoiku Daigaku)


The history of Aichi University of Education began with the start of the modern school system in Japan in 1873. Our predecessor, Aichi Prefectural Academy, later developed into three Normal schools in the region, Aichi First Normal College, Aichi Second Normal College, and Aichi Normal College of Vocational Education. After World War II, as part of the overall educational reform, the three normal colleges were consolidated into Aichi Gakugei University (Faculty of Arts and Sciences) and became one of the new national universities in May 1949, and kept on training competent teachers. The name Aichi University of Education (Faculty of Education) was adopted in 1966. In 1987, the Faculty of Integrated Arts and Sciences was added and accounted for 40% of the student quota, with the view of educating capable members of society besides school teachers.

In 2004, the university was incorporated as the National University Corporation Aichi University of Education, in accordance with the enforcement of the National University Cooperation Law. It now has five undergraduate programs (four teacher-training programs and Training Programs for Educational Support Professionals), and the Graduate School of Education, which includes Doctoral Program in Subject Development (a three-year program).


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