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Acadia University BSc in Engineering and Applied Science
Acadia University

BSc in Engineering and Applied Science

Wolfville, Canada

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In this program, you will use science to solve real-world problems. These can include finding ways to protect the natural environment and creating the things we see around us in the built environment, from factories to skyscrapers to spacecraft. You will study pure sciences such as physics, math, and chemistry, as well as dedicated engineering courses. You will focus on practical ways to apply the knowledge you gain along the way by creating models and prototypes.

Engineering is all about creating new things and solving real problems. It is a huge field. Engineering blends topics from almost all branches of science with the formal study of design and economic analysis. Practitioners revel in the feeling of accomplishment that results from seeing their designs come to life. This often occurs only after extensive analysis, testing and de-bugging on the part of a multi-disciplinary engineering team.

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