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3iS International Institute of Image & Sound

3iS International Institute of Image & Sound

3iS International Institute of Image & Sound


3iS International Institute of Image & Sound


3iS was founded in 1988 by film professionals to prepare students for careers in filmmaking and sound. Over the years we have expanded our expertise, opened new campuses, and seen our international partnerships blossom. The school hosts around 2,500 students annually across four campuses in Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon and Nantes, with a total of 25,000 m2 of facilities.

For the past 34 years, we’ve been creating tailor-made training programs, and providing our students with the opportunities and the tools to excel and forge a lasting career. We’ve developed our unique know-how by working closely with professionals and offering a hands-on learning experience.


Passion, creativity and excellence: these are the values that inform everyday life for all 3iS employees. Passion is what unites us to our students: love of our work and the agility that it requires due to the constant shifting of our industries. Supporting our students to a high level of technical expertise enables them not only to express their creativity but also to gain the required degree of excellence, in terms of know-how and interpersonal skills.

Located only 25 minutes from the capital, the 3iS Paris Campus is renowned for what it has to offer, culturally and artistically, and provides our students with a breathtaking playing field enabling them to experience an adventure that is both exciting and enriching.”

Cristel Munoz, CEO of 3iS Paris


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Campus Features


With 18,000 m² of facilities just at the edge of Paris, our audiovisual resources are unique in Europe:

  • 1 x 300-seat screening room

  • 1 x 300 m² theater arts stage

  • 1 x 140 m² film set (Haussmann-style apartment with movable walls)

  • 4 x 100 m² film sets

  • 1 x 110 m² TV studio with green screen

  • 2 dedicated HD video control rooms

  • 2 screening rooms with a 5.1 audio system

  • 2 digital projection booths

  • 70 individual editing and color correction booths

  • 1 radio studio

  • 2 recording studios

  • 4 sound mixing and mastering systems

  • 16 sound editing systems

  • 10 computer rooms with 20 to 30 workstations

  • 4 drawing and modeling workshops

  • 1 Fab Lab (with 3D printer & laser-cutter)

  • 2 store rooms

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There’s lots going on throughout the year on campus. The Student Association (BDE, Bureau des étudiants) plays an important role in organizing the school’s calendar highlights like the orientation weekend, themed parties, concerts, 3iS Fest and buddying for new students. They also coordinate the different clubs created by students who want to share their passion for music, dance, sports or cinema.


    • Paris

      3iS Paris 4 rue Blaise Pascal 78990 Élancourt +33 1 85 53 30 43, , Paris

      • Bordeaux

        Bordeaux, France