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Best Universities for Bachelor Programs in Kuwait 2024

Number of institutions: 12
    • Manchester, United Kingdom
    • Budapest, Hungary
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    • Hawally, Kuwait

    Established in 2004, ACK is one of the first private universities in Kuwait. The College offers world-class higher education on home ground through international learning partnerships. Courses of study are available at diploma and bachelor degree levels and in specializations within Engineering, Business, Aviation and Maritime studies.

    • Kuwait City, Kuwait

    The Institute was started in 2002 and is managed by a group of educated professionals in the field of engineering and entrepreneurship with a mission to enable individuals, business firms and corporate enterprises, to achieve greater success by providing knowledge, technical skills and IT training. The Institute is recognized by Ministry of Education, Kuwait.

    • Eqaila, Kuwait

    AUM vision is to be a renowned institution of higher education for knowledge creation and dissemination in the region and beyond. AUM mission is to provide an interactive learning environment that facilitates the development of leaders who are committed to their culture, global ethical values, and professionalism.

    • Abu Halifa, Kuwait

    Box Hill College Kuwait (BHCK) is the only private college for women in the State of Kuwait. It operates as an extended campus of Box Hill Institute in Australia. BHCK opened its doors in fall 2007 and has grown to be a leading educational institution in the State of Kuwait.

    • Naseem, Kuwait

    Algonquin College – Kuwait (AC-Kuwait) is committed to being a high-quality, student-centred, private post-secondary institute of business and technology which provides students with modern, innovative, and market-relevant programs delivered in world class facilities, linked to the labour requirements of the Kuwait economy, and accessible to post-secondary students at all stages of extended and continuous learning.

    • Shuwaikh Educational, Kuwait

    The university has seen its enrollment grow from about 418 to 40,000 students, faculty from 31 to 1,565, colleges from 4 to 17, and administrative and academic support personnel from 200 to more than 5,000. Kuwait University has more than 100,000 alumni serving the country and the region and some have attained prominent positions.

    • Mubarak Al-Abdullah, Kuwait

    As a leading private institution of higher education in Kuwait, the mission of the Gulf University for Science and Technology (GUST) is to provide and maintain teaching excellence delivered on to nurture knowledge, critical thinking, and innovation. These qualities are primordially dependent on building a research environment whose capacities are consolidated through graduate studies programs that actively engage students and collaborative research projects. The office of Graduate Studies and Research encompasses four offices: graduate studies, research and development, research centers, and institutional effectiveness.

    • Al Ahmadi Governorate, Kuwait

    Education at College of Aviation Technology is accredited in all levels. Locally, regionally and globally by leading academic institutions.

    • Amman, Jordan
    • Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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    Divan International came into existence 18 years ago. It is an accredited and licensed platform that is arguably the best leading cultural exchange, educational, training, and travel organization, widely known for its impeccable service for young people from the Arab countries and the whole world as well.

    • Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia
    • Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
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    Marconi University is a world-class university engaged in significant international research and innovation. The University looks beyond the traditional academic learning setting, promoting the use of innovative learning methodologies by merging advanced technological solutions with traditional activities like lectures, workshops, and seminars.

    • Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
    • Cape Town, South Africa
    • + 14 more

    Westford University College is one of the leading business schools located in the UAE, delivering quality education since 2008. With two branches in Sharjah, the prestigious institution offers postgraduate, undergraduate, doctorate and vocational programs that carry significant value and credibility, around the world.