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Best Universities for Bachelor Programs in India 2024

Number of institutions: 4
    • Uma Nagar, India

    St. Francis College ,In the year 1832, inspired by the life of Jesus Christ, Bartolomea Capitanio, a young, dynamic and gifted lady at the age of twenty six, founded the congregation of Sisters of Charity in Italy. Bartolomea launched the Mission of Charity, by establishing schools, hospitals, youth clubs etc., which after her death was continued by her companion Vincenza Gerosa. Bartolomea’s vision of charity has motivated countless young ladies for a life of service all over the world. In 1860, the Sisters of Charity came to India to extend their loving service to the people of this country, in diverse roles. The Sisters of Charity are involved in a special way in educating young girls, by instilling in them sound values of justice, truth and dignity of life in society.

    • Ahmedabad, India

    Anant National University, located in a lush green campus in Ahmedabad, is the India’s first Design University. It is committed to nurturing Solutionaries, people who are revolutionary in their thinking, but solution-oriented in their approach.

    • Bengaluru, India

    IIFA-Lancaster is a unit of LANCASTER Group of Institutions which was established in the year 1991 with the motto of Faith, Commitment & Empowerment. IIFA-Lancaster is an institute for learning Interior designing, Fashion designing and Animation.

    • Chennai, India
    • Fort Lauderdale, USA

    The National Management School was started in India, by a group of professors from various US universities who wished to offer <strong>American quality higher education in India</strong>, at <u>affordable fees</u>. NMS began with the intention of providing management education. Subsequently other programs were added, and The National Management School today is an innovator in providing American style higher education in India, at both the Undergraduate and Graduate levels.