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Study Bachelor in Argentina 2024

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Basic monthly living cost

  • Rent in a shared flat

  • Share of utilities

  • Internet subscription

  • Local transportation


Sample lifestyle cost

  • Fast food combo

  • Cinema ticket

  • Pint of local beer


About Argentina

Located at the very bottom of South America, Argentina is a massive country with much to offer potential students. As the eighth largest country in the world (and the largest Spanish speaking one), Argentina offers a wide variety of landscapes, cultures, and educational opportunities. There are many good reasons to study undergraduate studies in Argentina.

Argentina possesses 47 national public universities, as well as 46 private institutions of higher education. The University of Cordoba, the oldest university in the country, has been in operation since 1613, allowing the nation to have a long and illustrious history of higher education. There are a number of different types of schools, including technical institutes and specialized colleges, although the universities are one of the most popular options for undergraduate studies.

Since Argentina is in the southern hemisphere, summer occurs from the months of December to February; for this reason the school year typically starts at the beginning of March and ends in the middle of December. There is also usually a winter break that falls in mid-July, as well as shorter school breaks in the middle of terms that are usually determined by the school itself. Most institutions of higher education have their first semester from March to July, and their second semester from July or August to December.

The cost of attending school in Argentina can vary quite widely. While all public universities are tuition-free, private schools are not, and costs can vary widely depending on the school chosen and whether the student is from Argentina. In addition, the associated costs such as travel and school materials must be taken into account. It is very important for students to contact the institution they are interested in attending in order to get more detailed financial information. Costs can also differ because of the varying amount of time that it takes to complete an undergraduate degree in Argentina. Typically, undergraduate studies include two options: a teaching or technical course of study that can take form one to three years to complete, or a more advanced professional degree that can require four to six years of study. Each student’s path will be unique.

There are a number of benefits to studying in Argentina. Students will be exposed to a rich culture in an advanced country, with a great deal of educational, technical, and career opportunities. An education in Argentina offers the chance to learn Spanish, an important world language, and may be much less expensive than studying elsewhere. Argentina is an excellent option for those wishing to study at a university in another country.

Visa Requirements

For students staying for more than 90 days.

What type of Visa do you need?

Visa name

Student Visa

Price and currency

USD 150

The prices of an Argentinian student visa depend on your nationality and can be around $150 USD. There is also a reciprocity fee around $100-160 USD. Students must pay the reciprocity fee online prior to departing for Argentina.

Who can apply for the visa?

Most nationalities can enter Argentina for up to 90 days without a visa. To find out whether you need a visa to enter Argentina, go to the government’s Immigrations page:

All international students studying graduate programs in Argentina lasting more than 90 days must obtain a student visa. All students must enter the country on a passport that is valid for at least 6 months beyond the last date of studies.

Where can you make the application?

Argentina / Argentinian consulate

Students will usually enter Argentina as tourists and then switch over to the student visa after arrival in Argentina. Applications and documents will have to be submitted in person the date of the visa interview.

It may also possible to apply in your home country through an Argentinian consulate.


How to make the application?

Upon arrival in Argentina, you will have to apply for a local police record in Argentina, make an appointment to go to Immigration, and apply for a student visa during the first 30 days. Your host coordinator may arrange the appointment for you ahead of time. It is extremely important that you keep the appointment and arrive on time. You may also have to translate some documents into Spanish.

To obtain your student visa in Argentina you will need the following:

  • A valid passport with the Argentine tourist visa stamp.
  • A letter of proof of enrollment from the university. The university will provide this once you have arrived.
  • A police certificate showing you have no criminal record in Argentina. You will get this once in the country with the help of ISA staff (approximate cost is AR 60, payable in local currency).
  • Payment for the AR 900 student visa processing fee, payable in cash only.

Students who are going to study in Argentina for any period longer than six months must obtain a police report/certificate of good conduct prior to departing for Argentina. You will have to get the document translated by a certified translator after you arrive in Argentina.

Depending on your nationality, place of study, and expected length of stay, you may also be required to present other documentation, such as:

  • Certified copies of your birth certificate
  • Proof of sufficient funds to cover your expenses in Argentina
  • Evidence of sufficient knowledge of Spanish

When should you apply?

Applicants who apply for an Argentinian student visa in their home country are strongly encouraged to apply at least 30 days prior to their journey.

A standard student visa will last for six months, but if your course is longer you can get a visa valid for up to a year if you submit to a criminal records check in your home country. The exact requirements vary depending on one’s nationality and it’s important to check with your country’s embassy for further information.

Processing time

30 Days

Work opportunities

You can work legally with a student visa in Argentina.

Hours per week


Why do you need this type of visa?

Your visa application may be rejected if you are not able to show proof of the required funds, or if you provide incorrect or incomplete documents.