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43 BSc Programs in Sports Science 2023


A Bachelor of Science, or BSc, is an undergraduate degree generally offered for technical or scientific fields. The curriculum focuses primarily on the major in lieu of a broader education, encouraging technical and practical mastery of the field in question.

What is a BSc in Sports Science? This program is built to provide an understanding of the scientific principles behind sports and other athletic activities. Students may study how the human body performs during exercise and the effects of physical activity on one’s health, from a cellular scale to the body as a whole. The typical curriculum incorporates subjects such as physiology, biomechanics and biochemistry as they apply to physical education, and it can also encourage a scientific perspective on current research and trends.

Through working towards a BSc in Sports Science, students can develop individual skills in analysis and critical thinking, as well as communication and cooperation with other sports scientists. The courses prepare and encourage students to engage with a competitive and continuously changing field of research.

A BSc in Sports Science can usually be completed within three to five years of coursework. Tuition and registration costs vary from one school to another, so students should research their options beforehand to make an informed decision.

Obtaining a BSc in Sports Science creates career opportunities in physical education, consulting and research. Positions as PE teachers for elementary and secondary schools or fitness instructors at gyms or on sports teams allow a more direct, practical application of the graduate’s experience, guiding and refining sports participation for others. Consultants and researchers instead pursue the technical and academic aspects, whether they work for nonprofit sports agencies or in the corporate sector for fitness programs or industries manufacturing sports equipment.

Various schools worldwide offer programs for obtaining a BSc in Sports Science. Distance learning options are also available for students living in remote areas. For more information, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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