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10 BSc Programs in Pilot Training 2023


A BSc—short for Bachelor of Science—is an undergraduate degree focusing on a discipline outside the liberal arts. The degree is conferred upon students who complete a prescribed curriculum of both general and specialized classes.

What is a BSc in Pilot Training? A BSc in Pilot Training is a program designed for students who aspire to become pilots. Such programs focus on flight safety, the science behind aircraft and aviation regulations. These concepts might be taught in courses such as Theory of Flight, Aerospace Engineering, Principles of Piloting and Intro to Air Traffic Control. These classes are typically combined with intensive simulated flight laboratories where students get hands-on practice flying aircraft.

A BSc in Pilot Training provides a number of obvious benefits. Students will likely develop an increased awareness of safety as well as valuable knowledge of science and aerodynamics. Problem-solving skills learned may be applied to life on the ground.

How much does a BSc in Pilot Training cost to earn? Costs for this program may be higher than others due to the expense of simulation labs. Other factors such as location, tuition and financial aid may also determine how much it will cost. For an estimate, you should contact the school directly.

Of course, many if not most graduates who earn a BSc in Pilot Training will pursue work as pilots. There are many different opportunities even within this profession, though—you may work either as a commercial pilot or freight pilot, for example. Other job opportunities that may be available to graduates include aerospace engineer, air traffic controller, flight crew manager and aircraft maintenance director. There are many positions where you can apply your piloting skills and knowledge.

If you want to see your career take flight, you must first find the right program for your BSc in Pilot Training. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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