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BSc Programs in Engineering Studies Mechanical Engineering

Many students with a knack for physical systems such as those who enjoy car repair, construction, or related activities often choose to pursue a BSc (Bachelor of Science) in Mechanical Engineering (ME). ME students are prepared to design and implement a wide range of physical systems for businesses ranging from small component factories to large scale equipment houses.

What is a BSc in Mechanical Engineering? A mechanical engineering program trains students in all aspects of physical systems, from machines to gas and liquid flow. A mechanical engineer learns how to fabricate parts, choose the proper material, analyze stress, and determine reliability. Some specialize in fluid systems where they design transport systems for a particular fluid flow at precise temperatures and pressures. Graduates learn to take the specifications for a physical system and translate them into working parts.

Mechanical engineers form the heart of the design team of a components house. In an electronics firm, MEs design the housings, mounting hardware, and interface hardware for components. They perform a similar function in many types of manufacturing firms. As key team members, they are valuable employees with significant upward mobility.

The costs for a mechanical engineering degree vary significantly by institution. However, in addition to tuition, students can expect to pay lab and material fees for their projects. Most programs last from three to five years.

Mechanical engineers perform key functions in a range of companies. For instance, an antenna manufacturer may seem to be primarily an electronic design, but mechanical engineers must design the metal structures which form the heart of the antennas. In addition, the materials must be chosen to withstand environmental factors such as heat and wind. Antenna towers must be large, sturdy, and capable of supporting the antennas. These designs must be cost-effective as well. Similar design tasks exist in a range of manufacturing companies.

Universities offer excellent BSc in Mechanical Engineering programs on an international scale. Often, a significant portion of the coursework can be performed online. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.