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BSc Programs in Life Sciences

A Bachelor of Science (BSc) is awarded to students upon the completion of an undergraduate program in a scientific field. The degree shows that holders have spent several years focusing their studies on the field to prepare for a career.

What is a BSc in Life Sciences? In this program, students receive an education in many different sciences pertaining to living organisms, including biology, biochemistry and more. Study within the program usually contains a mix of lectures and lab periods. During labs, scholars partake in experiments that allow them to apply what they have learned during lectures in practice, as opposed to theory. Students learn how to conduct an experiment, record results and write up a paper summarizing the results.

Those in a life sciences program often learn many valuable skills to prepare them professionally and in their personal lives. These skills include dissection, observational awareness and the communication skills needed to work with lab partners effectively.

Choosing the right institution is an important decision for a student seeking a BSc in Life Sciences, as the range of costs from school to school is large. It’s advisable to contact multiple schools offering the program to find a good financial fit.

Earning a BSc in Life Sciences is intended to prepare a student for a range of jobs in the scientific community. In addition to becoming a researcher, graduates can focus their career on a specific field of biological study that matches their interest, such as marine biology or microbiology. The degree can also serve as the first step in a medical career as either a physician or a veterinarian, or it can be applied to a position studying animals as a zoologist.

Many universities around the globe offer a BSc in Life Sciences. Those who do not have a program nearby, or prefer the ability to fit their studies around the other events in their life, can even earn their degree online. To locate your perfect match, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.