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2 BSc Programs in Language Studies 2024


A Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree is intended to provide a rigorous education for students interested in several different fields, ranging from the hard sciences to the humanities. Students seeking a BSc should expect to complete three to five years of full-time study before earning their degree. Graduates of these programs go on to many types of careers and are typically eligible to pursue advanced study in their field, often earning master’s degrees or PhDs in their chosen discipline.

What is a BSc in Language Studies? Language is fundamental to human civilization. Communication is complex, intricate and laced with nuance and power. A degree in language studies allows students to immerse themselves in the study of human communication. This course of study can educate students on both theory and practice. Students customize their education, choosing courses from fields such as history of language, communications, speech therapy, linguistics and foreign languages. This interdisciplinary program gives students the ability to specialize as well as the flexibility to study a number of different areas.

A Bachelor in Language Studies equips graduates with vital skills in our modern economy, including expertise in communications, which is a make-or-break skill in most industries. Students may be well prepared to become leaders in many different professions or to pursue graduate programs in languages or communications.

Program costs depend on the particular institution and factors such as geography. To gain more information about expenses, it is best to communicate with the specific institution about tuition and fees.

A degree in language studies could prepare students for a range of careers and advanced education opportunities. Degree holders often pursue careers as publicists, speech therapists, linguists, marketers, advertisers, writers, researchers and journalists. This degree may offer numerous benefits for any profession, since writing, oral presentation, and other communication skills are broadly applicable whatever the discipline.

Students are increasingly seeking out distance learning programs. For information about online  degree options, please search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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