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BSc Programs in General Studies

A Bachelor of Science is a degree that can work as an example of a person’s academic ability and knowledge. It takes around four years of sustained effort and offers many opportunities for career advancement.

What is a BSc in General Studies? A degree in general studies is designed without a particular focus, unlike other bachelor’s degrees. The degree is beneficial for those who do not plan to enter a specialized field but would instead like to develop a program that achieves their personal academic goals. A Bachelor of Science in General Studies is a suitable option for students who have not consistently attended school and have completed coursework in a variety of fields without overlap. The program can help them finish a degree without needing to complete the requirements for a specific major, especially useful for those who have taken many credits.

Graduating with a general studies degree proves a sense of independence and an ability to form structure without guiding forces. It can also establish the presence of an ability to think critically that is developed by university coursework of all kinds, a useful skill for professional and personal advancement.

The cost of a general studies degree depends on what university it is obtained from. The number of semesters or quarters required will help in determining how much money the degree will cost overall. This degree usually takes at least four years.

Careers that benefit from a degree in general studies are varied. For fields that do not typically require a college degree, a bachelor in general studies can prove advantageous. Jobs such as hotel manager and retail manager may be obtained more easily. Placement as a data entry technician, scheduling administrator and other administrative work will also go well with this degree.

A general studies program can be found at almost any university, because of its self-determined qualities. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.