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Contact Schools Directly - Compare 60 Bachelors of Business Administration  (BBA) in Marketing Studies 2023/2024

60 BBA Programs in Marketing Studies 2023/2024


A BBA stands for Bachelor of Business Administration. It is an undergraduate degree that is awarded to students who pursue ecommerce related subjects. Most schools offer four-year programs to receive this degree.

What is a BBA in Marketing?  During this education program, students study business related courses with an emphasis on marketing. The coursework helps students learn about selling products, promoting services and products, advertising, consumer behavior, sales analysis, supply chain management, retail analysis, and more. Students also learn how to communicate effectively with other professionals. This will be critical to success after graduating.

A BBA is very beneficial to anyone interested in excelling in the workplace. Companies around the world rely on people that have the ability to market products. Those with marketing backgrounds often help companies strategically. They also have more job options after graduation.

The cost of obtaining a Bachelor of Business Administration varies depending of the school. It is recommended to research the cost of the program with each school. This allows prospective students to get a better idea of the exact costs and fees related to their education.

After graduating with a BBA in Marketing, there are a variety of different job options. Many people that are interested in marketing are also entrepreneurs. They go on to start their own companies using the skills they have learned. There are also opportunities to work in the marketing departments at companies across the globe. Companies have different roles that these graduates can fill depending on their passions and strengths.

If you are interested in pursing a Bachelor of Business Administration, it is best to search for a marketing program online. There are multiple universities that offer this type of program. Some allow you to go to school year around. Others allow you to study online. You can apply for the programs that best meet your needs. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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