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Contact Schools Directly - Compare 57 Bachelor Degrees in Tourism and Hospitality Management 2023

57 Bachelor Programs in Tourism and Hospitality Management 2023


Many entry-level and mid-management positions require a bachelor’s degree. This course of study gives students a technical knowledge of their major and a well-rounded understanding of other concentrations. Most bachelor’s degrees take four years to complete, but some students may finish sooner or later.

What is a Bachelor in Tourism and Hospitality Management? A Bachelor in Tourism and Hospitality Management combines knowledge about entertainment facilities, tourist destinations and hotels with a deeper understanding of marketing, business and management. The courses you need to take may vary from one school to the next. Some of your required classes may include hospitality and tourism law, financial management, and tourism planning and policy. Because this is a bachelor’s degree, you should also expect to take generals in order to gain a wider knowledge of humanities, math and science.

How could this degree benefit you? One of the biggest goals in hospitality and tourism is to please the customer. Degree courses give students the skills needed to properly manage kitchen staff and cleaning crew and order supplies, which all play a role in a customer’s happiness. A Bachelor in Tourism and Hospitality Management may make it easier to get an entry-level or mid-management job.

The cost of this particular degree may vary from one school to the next. The country the school is located in, whether the institution is rural or urban, where you are from, how you take classes and how many classes you take could play a role in the overall tuition.

Most people think of positions related to tourism and hospitality, such as cruise director, event planner, casino manager, tour manager, club manager or casino manager, when thinking of this degree. However, this degree may also give you the skills needed to be a human resources manager, sales team member or marketing professional. Many students use this degree as a foundation for a master’s degree.

Applying is easy. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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