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Bachelor Programs in Education Teaching

For many students with a high school diploma or GED certification who wish to continue their education, a bachelor's degree is a great next step. This undergraduate degree usually involves a certain amount of general studies, as well as a more specific program focus of the student's choice.

What is a Bachelor in Teaching? This degree is designed to prepare graduates for careers in education; both through instruction in learning theory and by having students practice these skills in the classroom. Programs often have specific emphases, such as outreach and community education, early childhood education, or a given discipline focus. For example, a student interesting in becoming an English teacher can take courses catered to that goal, and thus be exposed to teaching theory regarding how to teach reading and writing. Accordingly, the curriculum of these programs is highly variable depending on the school and the individual student's goals.

The main benefit of graduating with a Bachelor in Teaching is the valuable skill set these programs can provide. In addition to an intimate knowledge of whatever discipline focus they choose, students can gain essential experience working with pupils of all ages in a wide range of contexts. Graduates come away from these programs with strong verbal communication skills, a mastery of different instruction techniques, and experience with having to think on their feet and solve problems as they arise.

Each program will have different fees associated with registration and enrollment. Contact schools directly for more information on the costs you can expect upon admission.

A background in education opens many doors when it comes to possible future careers. Because of the crucial and transferrable skills and experience this path of study provides, graduates of teaching programs can go on to pursue careers in any number of fields, including but not limited to those directly related to the education system. In addition to instructional skills, graduates can put to use their honed communications skills and real-world experience, both highly sought talents in many fields from business to journalism.

Enrolling in an online program through Bachelor Studies is an especially convenient way to pursue a Bachelor in Teaching because it grants students access to many esteemed programs across the world. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.