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Bachelor Programs in Sustainability Studies

Students who gravitate toward a bachelor’s degree in sustainability studies seek a course of study that feeds their passion for conservation and alternative energy development. A sustainability program builds a base of knowledge to begin a career in the field or move on to an advanced degree in energy research and management.

One may ask, what is a Bachelor in Sustainability? Many universities worldwide offer post-secondary programs that address ways in which society may explore and expand methods of renewable energy production, as well as broaden public education regarding conservation of the earth’s resources. In this course of study, the undergraduate curriculum may include chemistry, biodiesel energy, computer-aided drafting, use reduction, physics, hybrid electric systems, mechanical maintenance, alternative energy applications and wind energy.

A bachelor’s in a sustainability studies field helps prepare a student for success in an emerging, multi-tiered and fast-changing field. A program such as this may combine science, math and production with classes designed to build skills in teamwork. Career success in renewable and sustainable energy systems may require this kind of proficiency in both hands-on production techniques and communication.

Program costs vary from school to school. To get accurate information regarding tuition and fees, contact the admissions office of the school of your choice.

An undergraduate degree opens doors in multiple areas of the energy industry, from facility operation to education and outreach. Career choices may include hydroelectric dispatcher, wind farm technician, maintenance electrician and commercial installer. There may be opportunities as an energy auditor, in energy analysis or even in aerospace technology. Sustainability studies degrees may be a foundation for a career in civil, electrical or environmental engineering.

Societies across the globe are seeking ways to best use the resources they have, as well as create and develop energy resources that are renewable. Sustainability addresses that which makes ecological sense for the planet and our collective well-being. To start on your own path to a degree, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.