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269 Bachelor Programs in Social Sciences Sociology 2024



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Bachelor Programs in Social Sciences Sociology

Sociology focuses on the study of society and social behavior. Bachelor in Sociology programs generally have four main focus areas; composition, organization, culture, and development and courses are derived from these four areas of study. You will also learn about the various theories and methods of studying these phenomena.
The curriculum for a sociology degree may also include computers, research methodologies, communication, statistics or contemporary social issues, such as social media.
Aside from the classic topics like culture and socialization, sociology programs nowadays also feature classes about modern issues such as gender and racial inequality, global health disparities, and environmental justice. Students get practical training through coursework, internships, or fieldwork to aid them in preparing for their future careers.
A wide plethora of career options are available for sociology majors. Some common options for careers are in the fields of social work, healthcare, medical ethics, business, human resources, business management, counseling, academia and private research firms. It is truly a growing field with a myriad of opportunities and large room for career growth and further academic advancement.
Sociology is about society, culture and human interaction. If this interests you, then consider becoming a sociology major. Learn more now by reading below and finding the program that is perfect for you!