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4 Bachelor Programs in Fashion Accessories Design Shoe Design 2024



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Bachelor Programs in Fashion Accessories Design Shoe Design

If you appreciate the construction of a fine pair of shoes and enjoy creative design work, consider a Bachelor in Shoe Design. Many opportunities exist to pursue this degree nationally and internationally, particularly in Italy.

What is a Bachelor in Shoe Design? The degree combines coursework in the history of fashion footwear, business development, and marketing as well as hands-on creation of shoe prototypes. Students start out learning traditional craft skills such as pattern design and sewing techniques and move on to more sophisticated concepts such as three-dimensional sculpting techniques, computer-aided design, and anatomical studies of the human body. Students should create a portfolio of their work and may be given the opportunity to market it professionally.

The cost of this program varies by institution and location. A Bachelor in Shoe Design typically takes four years to complete. It is recommended that you contact specific schools that interest you and ask about cost expectations.

Student who graduate from this program may become authorities in the sector. They should have received all the necessary training and developed the skills required to set up a shoe design business—that is, to write a business plan, find partners, and relate to press and clients.

Students who pursue a Bachelor in Shoe Design can expect a number of creative opportunities upon graduation. Many students go on to work for high fashion houses as junior or senior shoe designers, or they may be hired as product developers or marketers for footwear and accessories companies. Armed with the skills to start their own company, an equal number of students go into business for themselves and begin designing and marketing their own lines of footwear.

Most universities offer online classes for some of the coursework, which is a convenient option for students who are also working full or part time or who have other commitments. To find the right school for you, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.