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3 Bachelor Programs in Humanities Studies Language Studies Portuguese Studies 2024



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Bachelor Programs in Humanities Studies Language Studies Portuguese Studies

A bachelor’s degree can open up a world of opportunities to a graduate after just four years of full-time study. Many students further enrich their educational experience by completing some or all of their coursework in a country other than their own.

What is a Bachelor in Portuguese Studies? Most such programs give entrants an opportunity to study the historic, linguistic and cultural aspects of Portuguese-speaking societies, focusing on the works and accomplishments of those in Brazil and Portugal. Many curricula prepare graduates to analyze literature written in English and other languages at the same depth. Some universities allow students to take courses leading to an additional major in Spanish.

Most graduates find that their studies help them improve their Portuguese reading comprehension, writing skills and speaking fluency. Some find that the education also leads to a better understanding of additional languages they may speak. Others benefit by acceptance into a prestigious master’s program.

The expenses involved with earning a bachelor’s degree depend on a number of factors. A basic consideration is how much the school charges for tuition. Another area that potential students shouldn’t overlook is the cost of living in the college city.

Those who become proficient in the Portuguese language often acquire work in translation or interpreting, either independently or with a corporation. Those who like to spread knowledge and empower others often find their calling in teaching. Museums, libraries and cultural institutes often seek graduates with bachelor’s degrees in linguistic studies. The diploma holder’s knowledge of history and literature can create opportunities to work in advertising or tourism. Others enter niche markets, such as providing speech therapy.

Although Portuguese is largely spoken within specific geographic areas, online options make it possible to learn the language practically anywhere. Ready to start your educational adventure? Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.