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269 Bachelor Programs in Political Science 2023


Political science involves the study of politics and the state. Bachelor Political Science professionals are in increased demand as social media is playing a role in the increased awareness of government and due process. Political science professionals with an understanding of human behavior can have great career advancement and growth potential.

Curriculum for Bachelor Political Science programs generally includes such topics as political philosophy, political economics, political theory, comparative governments, research methods, and political processes. There are many Bachelor Political Science programs throughout the world and different regions provide unique perspectives to each program. Bachelor Political Science graduates can have many opportunities for careers in government, politics, political administration, international organizations, non-profits, journalism, public service, communication, and law.

As politics routinely affects our lives and as more of the masses partake in activism, political science professionals are needed. A Bachelor Political Science degree can provide the knowledge and skills needed to meet this growing demand. Read below for more information and to learn more about the study opportunities!

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