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5 Bachelor Programs in Food and Beverage Studies Beverage Studies Oenology 2024



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Bachelor Programs in Food and Beverage Studies Beverage Studies Oenology

From a literal perspective, a bachelor’s degree is the initial degree granted by a four-year college, and is a prerequisite to a master’s or doctorate degree. Practically speaking, a bachelor’s degree is a significant professional achievement that’s typically the gateway to higher earning jobs. A bachelor’s degree generally allows one to enter the work force at a higher pay level than they might otherwise.

What is a Bachelor in Oenology? This degree is proof of advanced academic knowledge in the unique and rapidly expanding study of wines. Coursework for this type of degree covers intensive evaluation of wine, such as improving sensory evaluation skills and learning how to pinpoint a wine’s chemical makeup. Oenology programs will include a scientific and analytic component, including courses in agricultural science and wine microbiology. This course of study typically includes intensive laboratory time and field work. Though it varies, four years is the typical amount of time it takes to complete an oenology program.

Students who earn the degree benefit from automatic proof of expertise when they apply for industry positions. Additionally, holding a bachelor’s degree can also be a valuable plus when it comes to negotiating base pay.

Exactly how long it will take and how much it will cost to earn an oenology degree depends on the type of school and the program. Wise students will reach out to prospective schools to confirm for themselves.

There are several exciting careers that a bachelor’s in oenology can prepare one for. Most obvious are restaurant roles, including that of sommelier. Entrepreneurial students can use the degree as the basis for starting their own, wine-heavy restaurant, while other students may wish to combine this degree with studies in viticulture and ultimately pursue owning and operating a winery.

An explosion of courses online has made pursuing a degree easier than ever. To start your journey, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.