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17 Bachelor Programs in Performing Arts Music Musicology 2024



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Bachelor Programs in Performing Arts Music Musicology

What does music say about a people’s culture? How does music composition and performance evolve over time? What techniques do composers use to create music? You can find the answers to all of these questions when you obtain a Bachelor in Musicology.

What is a Bachelor in Musicology? This program is incredibly broad, involving the study of history, anthropology, communication, and even religion. Music is such an important art form throughout the world, and in order to study it, students need to broaden their cultural and social horizons. Courses place an emphasis on the study of music history and theory, and many programs will also require students to master an instrument. In addition, students need to fulfill a variety of liberal arts requirements.

If you plan to study music, you need a comprehensive post-secondary education. Musicology programs expose you to a wide range of music from all over the world. Moreover, your classes will help you develop your research and analytical skills, which can be applied to a number of professions.

Most bachelor’s degree programs take four years to complete, though you can cut down on costs by trying to finish the program early. Tuition and fees vary from school to school, so you should research colleges before applying to verify that you can afford the enrollment costs.

Many students choose to pursue a graduate degree, but there are also career options available to those who decide to enter the job market. Some of the skills you honed during your time in college, such as critical writing and thinking, are easily transferrable, and many students find work in law firms and publishing houses. If you would rather find a job that allows you to flex your music knowledge, you can become a teacher, archivist, or researcher.

Musicology programs are available at many international universities. If you are ready to obtain your degree, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.