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59 Bachelor Programs in Performing Arts Music Music Production 2024



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Bachelor Programs in Performing Arts Music Music Production

A bachelor’s degree is generally a program students can pursue at a private or public university. It’s considered a basic higher education degree and is required to pursue advanced degrees.

What is a Bachelor in Music Production? This degree focuses on audio augmentation techniques, including the use of digital resources. Students can learn how to record musical artists and to manipulate the resulting audio to achieve different effects. Beyond the actual musical augmentation, students may also take business courses such as accounting, marketing and music business. A degree in music production spans the publishing and distribution of music as well as its creation.

Students who pursue a bachelor’s degree in music production can gain knowledge of various musical and recording equipment and develop musical aptitude. They may also be able to refine their interpersonal skills, as creating a musical record requires the cooperation of many people.

The cost of a bachelor’s degree in music production can vary depending on a student’s choice of school and the country in which the school is located. A bachelor’s degree program generally takes four years to complete.

After completing a Bachelor in Music Production, students can find work in various positions within the music industry. Individuals interested in the creative process may look for work as a songwriter or musician. If singing or playing an instrument isn’t appealing but graduates still want to participate in music creation, they can seek work as a producer. As producers, they may work directly with artists to refine their recordings and achieve a particular artistic vision. For individuals more interested in logistics, positions such as artist representative and music distributor may also be available with this degree. Graduates can represent the interests of artists in contract negotiations with record companies or participate in the production, sale and promotion of albums.

Students interested in a Bachelor in Music Production can enroll in programs that offer both traditional and online classes at universities from around the world. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.