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12 Bachelor Programs in Media in Australia for 2024



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Bachelor Programs in Media

As innovation shapes the technologies we use in the increasingly globalized economy, Media specialists are in high demand for their comprehensive understanding of a range of media, including the web, television, radio, print, video, music, literature, and visual arts, to communicate with the public. Bachelor of Media graduates from universities and institutions in Australia often seek out careers in Social Media, Public Relations, Marketing, Public Office, Writing, Consulting, Non-government Communications departments, Broadcasting, Journalism and much more.

Some areas of applied media, which Bachelor of Media students in Australia can choose from may include Multimedia, Literature, Graphic Design, Journalism, Theatre, Tourism Management, Visual Arts, Marketing, Education, Laws and Creative Arts. Some other Bachelor of Media programs may approach the subject from a more theoretical, academic perspective, looking at the use and implications of media in society through the ages. Bachelor of Media programs typically last three years and some are offered on a full time or part time basis, to allow flexibility for working professionals.

If you are fascinated by the ability to communicated with large numbers of people through various means, a Bachelor of Media from a university in Australia could be the perfect undergraduate degree for you. Scroll down to read more, today!