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9 Bachelor Programs in Management Studies in Indonesia 2023


The field of management, whether on a public or private level, large- or small-scale, is constantly changing as new methods, theories and protocols are developed, defined and tested. Bachelor of Management students learn how to take on the responsibility for control in a company or organization, to lead other people and make executive decisions using a number of tried and tested techniques. Universities and business schools in Indonesia provide Bachelor of Management students with the opportunity to obtain such essential skills and knowledge from some of the highest qualified professors and teaching staff in South-East Asia. Bachelor of Management students in Indonesia learn how their role as future managers may change as a result of globalization, and how they in turn can make their mark on international market.

Bachelor of Management programs at business colleges or universities in Indonesia typically last three to four years. Some Bachelor of Management programs require students to complete a practical assessment, thesis project or internship prior to graduation as a means of preparing them in a real-world setting.

With courses in Business Entrepreneurship; Retail, Urban and Macro- Economics; Health Science Management; Human Resource Management; Global Finance; Banking and Travel Industry Management, there are more reasons than ever to pursue a Bachelor of Management in Indonesia. So why not scroll down and learn more about all the possibilities, today!



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