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124 Bachelor Programs in General Studies Liberal Arts 2024



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    Bachelor Programs in General Studies Liberal Arts

    A bachelor’s degree can be earned from a university and generally takes three to five years to complete. This kind of degree indicates that a student has studied general topics such as math, science and language, as well as achieved some specialization in his or her area of study.

    What is a Bachelor in Liberal Arts? Liberal arts is a broad program of study that allows for individual students to pursue areas of study that interest them. A liberal arts program generally focuses on the arts and humanities, such as history, cultural and social anthropology, and philosophy. Students may study the social sciences, art history, global or specialized history such as East Asian history, literature, linguistics or foreign languages. With so much flexibility, students who pursue a bachelor’s degree in liberal arts can develop a comprehensive knowledge of subjects of particular interest to them.

    With a Bachelor in Liberal Arts, students can develop excellent rhetorical and debate skills. They may also achieve advanced written communication and interpersonal skills, which can be applied across various job opportunities.

    The cost of bachelor’s degree in liberal arts varies. This depends on the school’s tuition policies, whether the institution is public or private, and where the school is located.

    The employment opportunities for recipients of a bachelor’s degree in liberal arts are vast and vary by each individual’s area of study. Graduates who studied linguistics or foreign languages may find work with international companies as translators, transcribers or proofreaders. Individuals who pursued the social sciences may find work with health organizations as researchers or consultants. Students who focused on history and culture may find valuable employment as cultural liaisons for companies that conduct international business.

    Individuals interested in pursuing a Bachelor in Liberal Arts can find programs available both online and in person at universities around the globe. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.