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66 Bachelor Programs in General Studies Interdisciplinary Studies 2024



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    Bachelor Programs in General Studies Interdisciplinary Studies

    Achieving a bachelor’s degree is a feat that takes a lot of hard work and determination by the student. An undergraduate degree awarded after completing a course of study in a specific academic subject, it is generally doable in about four years of full-time coursework.

    What is a Bachelor in Interdisciplinary Studies? This bachelor’s degree is in the field of liberal arts and is obtainable as both Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Science. Students can choose which fields they would like to combine, creating their own path of study that is unique to their individual goals. From politics to management, there are tons of ways to mix and match one’s education with this degree. This path of study is an attractive option for individuals who would like to pursue more than one field of expertise or who want a more individualized career path.

    Students pursuing degrees in interdisciplinary studies often find their critical thinking skills improving as well as interpersonal communication skills, helpful attributes in any career. Additionally, students can also see an increase in productivity and motivation because they are able to study fields that are interesting to them.

    The cost of a bachelor’s degree in this field varies from one school to another. Generally, one should plan on completing around two years of a standard undergraduate curriculum first before entering an interdisciplinary studies program for another two years.

    Because this bachelor’s degree is so easily customizable, career possibilities are ample. One common career path for holders of a bachelor’s degree in this field is human resources coordinator. Holding a bachelor’s degree in human resources as well as another field, such as business management or information technology, makes candidates more desirable to potential employers.  Other graduates may become instructors, company directors, journalists, and other careers that require a broad range of knowledge.

    A Bachelor in Interdisciplinary Studies can be obtained at a local university or one across the ocean. Additionally, online programs are available as well. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.