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88 Bachelor Programs in Hotel Management 2023


With the world getting more and more interconnected and distances becoming less of an issue, the hotel industry is one of the fastest growing industries of today. As it expands, the need for qualified and highly educated professionals continues to rise. A Bachelor in Hotel Management will teach you how to become a successful hotel manager or entrepreneur! At the same time, a bachelor program in Hotel Management will introduce you to fields such as hotel organization, service management, marketing or sales. Coursework is combined with hands-on learning in order to give you as varied learning experience as possible.

You will explore the management and organization of holiday resorts, bed and breakfasts, conventions as well as luxury hotels. You will also learn how to deal with new hotel concepts, sustainable entrepreneurship or newly emerging markets. Having taken a Bachelor in Hotel management, you can expect to find a job in areas such as hotels and resorts, conferences and convention centers, tourism consultancies or private hospitality companies.

If you are customer-oriented and would like to work in a dynamic and challenging environment, taking a Bachelor program in Hotel Management might be just the right thing for you! Take a look at the options listed below and apply today!



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