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Bachelor Programs in Tourism and Hospitality Hospitality

Considered to be an undergraduate degree, a bachelor’s degree is given by institutions of higher learning, such as colleges and universities. This degree is a base level of study before moving on to the higher degrees of master’s and doctoral degrees. This course of study may take as few as three years or as many as seven.

What is a Bachelor in Hospitality? This type of degree generally focuses on the management aspect of hospitality. Courses cover both academic theory as well as professional practice. Courses in academic theory may include finance, accounting, marketing, management and professional development. Practical courses may cover event planning, hotel operations and management and food and beverage service operations. Students may take specific concentrations in hospitality entrepreneur, international wine and beverage management or maximizing profit in the electronic marketplace.

The benefits of a bachelor’s degree in hospitality can cover all areas of life. The management training may instill helpful leadership skills. The ability to track finances and plan complex events may translate to other job fields as well.

The cost for this type of degree vary widely. Program length, financial aid and residency status will all affect the final cost.

Possible career options for those who hold a bachelor’s degree in hospitality can be found all around the world. Many of these jobs may be in leadership and management positions due to the nature of the degree programs, which typically feature courses on the management of specific facets of the hospitality industry. Job opportunities include events specialist, tour manager, customer service manager, hotel operations manager, spa manager and corporate communication manager.

Bachelor’s degrees are offered at colleges and universities across the world. Different methods of study include traditional, on-campus courses as well as online programs. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.