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87 Bachelor Programs in Hong Kong 2023


Providing well-rounded, foundational undergraduate education specializing in a particular field, Bachelor degree programs in Hong Kong are internationally recognized and can lead to rewarding careers or further education in the professional area of the graduate's choice. Students can choose their Bachelor study from a range of possible academic areas offered at schools in Hong Kong, including Humanities, Social Sciences, Arts, Engineering, Technology, Business, Economics, Administration, Life Sciences, Law or the Natural Sciences.

Conferred after four years of full-time study, or a variable period of part-time study, Bachelor degrees from universities and institutions in Hong Kong deliver the essential knowledge and skills with academic excellence, preparing students for a lucrative career path in the future. Bachelor programs in Hong Kong will vary in cost, depending on the school, the student's financial need, the program, and often whether the student is local or foreign. Many accredited international universities and institutions have campuses in Hong Kong, offering Bachelor programs with credit structures that make degrees easily transferable abroad, if students should choose to continue their education with a Masters or PhD program.

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  • Bachelor
  • BSc
  • BA
  • BBA
  • Administration Studies
  • Architecture Studies
  • Art Studies
  • Aviation
  • Business Studies
  • Construction
  • Cosmetology Studies
  • Design Studies
  • Economic Studies
  • Education