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71 Bachelor Programs in Social Sciences Gender Studies 2024



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Bachelor Programs in Social Sciences Gender Studies

Students interested in higher education may consider pursuing a bachelor’s degree. This degree can be earned in many fields of study in the sciences and arts and can help students launch into new and successful professions.

What is a Bachelor in Gender Studies? This is a field that comprehensively explores human sexuality and gender. It may touch on concepts from various fields such as philosophy, religious studies, economics, public health and communications. Students can expect to examine a number of different topics in depth, including history and formations of gender norms, cultural gender roles, gender theories, genetics and human reproduction.

Pursuing a degree in gender studies helps students in a number of ways. They can expect to be exposed to and become familiar with many investigative methods and other disciplines. Critical thinking and analytical skills will be also magnified, along with verbal and written communication skills.

Students interested in working toward a degree in gender studies may be curious about details such tuition cost and the time the program will take to complete. It is best to seek information about tuition and other costs directly from the schools themselves. Typically, a bachelor’s degree takes between three and seven years to complete.

The career outlook for those who have earned a Bachelor in Gender Studies can be extremely diverse. Opportunities to earn a decent salary are available in the corporate world, nonprofit organizations and governmental organizations. Professional job titles include human resources administrator, victim advocate, program director, social worker, teacher, public health educator, communications consultant, director of a human rights organization, business owner, social service agency director, program director and union organizer.

Courses are available locally and internationally. Many programs also offer online options to fit the needs of an ever-expanding student body. To get started, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.