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Contact Schools Directly - Compare 31 Bachelor Degrees in Forest Sciences 2023

31 Bachelor Programs in Forest Sciences 2023


A bachelor’s degree is typically pursued after finishing high school or completing a GED. Students can develop their knowledge in a variety of areas and, in three to five years, earn a degree that can lead to a fulfilling career.

What is a Bachelor in Forest Sciences? This program is designed for those who want a deeper understanding about forest and plant conservation. Although each program varies in its specific curriculum, students typically learn about animal and plant life, forest management and planning, conservation, and ecology. Common coursework may include zoology, geology, soil science, entomology, and ecosystems. Along with classroom lectures and discussions, students often gain experience through laboratory work, field trips, and internships.

Because forests are complex ecosystems, students who earn this degree can gain analytical skills to help answer questions. They may also develop research skills, and those who study the management side can improve leadership and communication abilities that are useful for advancing careers.

When deciding which school to attend, students should factor in not only tuition but also program-related fees and living expenses. Those on a budget may want to choose a school close by or consider online classes. Some institutions may also offer loans, scholarships, or other types of financial aid to help with finances.

There are a variety of employers looking for the skills that forest sciences graduates offer. Careers may be found with government agencies, academia, private businesses, consulting firms, and nonprofit organizations. Professional titles may include botanist, biologist, research scientist, entomologist, ecologist, or professor. Other jobs may be forest manager, conservationist, forest economist, biosecurity specialist, timber appraisal, policy analyst, wood processor, land manager, environmental consultant, and forest planner.

Our online database has a number of options for forest sciences programs at both national and international schools. You can quickly search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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