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Bachelor Programs in Education

Universities and colleges in the USA provide Bachelor of Education students with valuable, career-oriented, hands-on learning opportunities, championing the axiom "learning through doing." Bachelor of Education programs typically last for four years in the USA, with foundational, general education requirements building up to more specialized professional courses. Offered in schools all across the country, students have a high level of flexibility in where they choose to complete their Bachelor of Education, and whether they will take classes full time, part time or online.

Students enrolled in Bachelor of Education programs in the USA may specialize in elementary school education, middle school education or high school education. Some future teachers chose to combine their Bachelor of Education studies with another bachelor's degree that is related to the subject they wish to study. Bachelor of Education majors do not necessarily all end up in teaching roles, some may take on administrative roles in schools, such as principle, or still others will work in educational policy and leadership, social justices, special education and instructional technology.

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