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85 Bachelor Programs in Economic Studies in Australia for 2024



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Bachelor Programs in Economic Studies

Economics is the study of the flow of goods and services through a market, and the analysis of the mechanisms that influence that movement. Students enrolled in Bachelor of Economics programs tend to have an interest in the theoretical concepts and ideas, which seek to explain certain market phenomena. There are a number of notable, accredited universities and institutions in Australia that offer Bachelor of Economics programs to recent secondary school grads as well as working professionals returning to study.

Bachelor of Economics programs typically last three to four years. Foundational courses in Macro- and Microeconomics and some dealing with commerce and business are often completed in the first two years. These fundamental courses are then followed by electives or a concentration, which the Bachelor of Economics student chooses. In Australia, Bachelor of Economics students can choose to specialize in Global Studies, Leadership and Management, Accounting and Finance, Laws and Politics, to name a few.

If you are interested in developing a deep understanding of the drivers and systems regulating all markets, big and small, a Bachelor of Economics from a university or institution in Australia could be the perfect fit for your future career goals. Scroll down to read more and request information directly from schools in Australia in just one click!