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68 Bachelor Programs in Environmental Studies Ecology 2024



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Bachelor Programs in Environmental Studies Ecology

The field of ecology involves the study of living organisms, their interactions with each other, as well as the environment. Those holding a Bachelor of Ecology degree can have opportunities for a range of jobs including conservation organizations, academia, non-for-profits, governments, and research institutions. A growing trend for Bachelor of Ecology degrees is among waste management companies, hazardous waste disposal, and medical disposal industries. There are opportunities for Bachelor of Ecology programs, practicums, and internships throughout the world.

Bachelor of Ecology programs are varied with different study options and program concentrations. Some concentrations include ecological agricultural systems, restoration, wildlife conservation and evolution, as well as systematic and population biology. Core courses may include such topics as ecosystems, plant anatomy, conservation, societal interaction and ecological biology. Bachelor of Ecology programs have many areas for specialization including green ecology, wetlands, endangered species, rainforests, and many others.

If a Bachelor of Ecology sparks your interest, then take a look through the programs below and you may find the degree for you!