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48 Bachelor Programs in Denmark for 2024



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  • Design Studies (4)
  • Economic Studies (3)
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Bachelor Programs in Denmark

Denmark is one of the countries in the EU that spends the most on higher education, and that investment reveals itself to be money well spent upon a brief look at Denmark's university system. Public and private universities alike share in a common commitment to providing students with the qualifications, theoretical and practical knowledge, and skills essential to beginning a successful career. Whether in the city of Aarhus, Copenhagen, Flensburg, Køge, Roskilde or Sønderborg, universities in Denmark offer a diverse range of coursework to enrich students' academic tracks.

With majors in natural sciences, social sciences, engineering, web development, environmental management, hospitality and leisure management, business administration, modern languages, design, communications, international studies, sales, marketing, and more, Bachelor programs in Denmark have something to offer every kind of student. Bachelor programs in Denmark typically last for three years, but there are also part time course offerings for students who want to add extra qualifications to their CV while working around a busy schedule.

If a Bachelor in Denmark sounds like the next step on your path, then scroll down to read more about programs at the accredited schools listed below, today!