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164 Bachelor Programs in Computer Arts 2023


Many students who are interested in digital art pursue a Bachelor in Computer Arts. Talented individuals see the incredible growth of the use of computer arts in entertainment and advertising and want to bring their skills into the modern age.

What is a Bachelor in Computer Arts? A computer arts program educates students in all aspects of digital media generation, including digital object creation, sound design, and animation. In addition, students are taught the possibilities of computer-based media in the realms of fine art, theme exploration, and cultural awareness.

Although computer arts students often find a new freedom in using digital tools over physical tools (no more cleaning paint brushes), they soon learn that every aspect of computer arts has several major software packages to master. A formal educational program helps give students a way to conquer the formidable learning curve for these software tools. It demonstrates to prospective employers that graduates have a breadth and depth in those digital tools chosen and used by that particular studio or firm.

Costs for a computer arts program vary widely by institution. Students can expect to pay tuition and miscellaneous fees. Many choose to purchase their own home systems with a laptop and software, particularly if they desire to complete their coursework online. If they do so, they should get a gaming-level computer with a high-bandwidth internet connection. Media files are often very large and resource-intensive. The computer arts program usually lasts three to five years.

Computer arts experts have a wide range of opportunities in which to express their art. They can work for a studio and produce movies or video games. They can work in the media department of an advertising firm and work in commercials, product demonstrations, or how-to videos. Some graduates choose an independent route and explore their art in ways that are no longer limited by physical tools or distribution limits.

There are numerous institutions of computer art available across the globe. Many programs can be completed online. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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