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Bachelor Programs in Humanities Studies Composition Studies

A bachelor’s degree is awarded to students after completing their studies at the undergraduate level. While an undergraduate education requires a central focus, many colleges and universities require diversification outside the field of study, ensuring that graduates are able to draw from a wide set of knowledge when entering the workforce.

What is a Bachelor in Composition Studies? This degree delves into the various applications of writing. Many programs place a heavy emphasis on research, encouraging the synthesis of existing information to support a student’s ideas. Depending on the institution, concentrations in specialized writing styles, such as creative writing, may be available. These modules often include nonfiction, academic, technical, and persuasive writing.

While pursuing a Bachelor in Composition Studies, students will often develop strong verbal communication abilities. They may also obtain a familiarity with research methods and versatile proofreading skills that can be applied to multiple writing styles.

A bachelor’s degree in composition studies typically requires around four years of study with costs varying depending on the requirements of the institution. When researching their options, students should take time to consider what their financial requirements are and what they want out of their education.

After earning their bachelor’s degree in composition studies, graduates can look for employment as research assistants, proofreaders and copyeditors, writers, or tutors. Other possible opportunities include copywriting for magazines or online webpages. With the help of more advanced education, this degree can prepare a student for more specific positions of employment, such as literary critic or university instructor.

Pursuing a Bachelor in Composition Studies can open many doors in a student’s career. There are several possible in-person and online options available for those interested in this field, some with more flexibility than others. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.