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81 Bachelor Programs in Business Studies Business Business Economics 2024



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Bachelor Programs in Business Studies Business Business Economics

As a field of applied economics, BA Business Economics studies the different factors that contribute to organizational diversity, and the relationship of firms with labor, markets and capital through quantitative analysis. It differs with other fields of applied economics, such as agricultural economics, health economics and demographic economics, in that it seeks to directly study the economics of business enterprises (as opposed to studying certain sectors as a whole, as with health or agriculture). The BA in Business Economics is therefore a highly popular program for students seeking to work in the corporate world; its graduates have consistently proven themselves to be among the most highly employable among economics graduates.

As a BA degree, Business Economics programs typically focus more on the socio-political aspects of business economics. Courses taught include anthropology, psychology, history of economics and public economics. Great attention is placed in renowned economic thinkers, such as Karl Marx, Adam Smith and John Maynard Keynes. Actual core business economics subjects vary from university to university, with some focusing greatly on managerial economics and industrial economics.

Business economics is not uncommonly considered as synonymous with economics for business (i.e., applying economic principles to create best business practices); economics for business is taught as business economics in these universities where a distinction between the two is not made. On the other hand, some universities tend to frame their business economics programs more on corporate governance, investment analysis, business strategy, accounting and budgeting.